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Household Cleaning Products

Household chemicals are by and large applied to surfaces to clean them and bring shines to them and some disinfectants are mainly added to cleaners to preserve the products from growth of micro organisms, to preserve the surfaces from germs and microbes and to disinfect the surfaces or substrates being cleaned. Cleaners usually contain a surface active agent together with some other additives.

Textile Process Chemicals

The main raw materials used by the Textile Industry are the textile fibres, which are spun into yarns and then woven into fabrics. These are further processed to get bleached, dyed, printed or finished fabrics, ready to be introduced into the consumer market. During the course of their conversion into the finished fabrics various chemicals are used for different purposes.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment involves the treatment of sewage water, industrial usage water and potable water. The treatment of all these waters need a lot of chemicals of which a flocculating agent finds significant usage. The development of Water Treatment materials and products requires a judicious selection of chemical and physical characteristics of the materials.

Rubber Chemicals

Like the Textile Processing, Rubber latex process is a specialized area of processing involving a number of specialty chemicals. Rubber latex being the basic raw material, the end usage of rubber includes a number of rubber industries viz. Automobile tyres, rubber bands, rubber articles, road laying, material conveying are a few of the industries where latex rubber is invariably used.


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