About us

Our company was established in 1992 in the organised sector has achieved many milestones in the competitive world speciality chemicals market. We are experts in the manufacture of Textile Process Chemicals, Rubber chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Sugar Industries, Household Cleaning Products etc., Our company products are Eco-friendly and are fully biodegradable. We believe in Quality and Consistency of our products.

Our Products:

We have wide range of products that suits to various Industrial application. These specialty chemicals are unique for specific process and application.


Chemical Composition- This is a methyl ester sulphonate based liquid detergent used in fabric washing commonly called as Fabric Washing Liquid Detergent.

This is an ideal substitute for detergents based on LABSA, SLS, SLES, AOS, ALES etc.

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Using of BIODET MEBK totally eliminates microorganisms like bacteria’s, virus etc from the substrate.

BIODET MEBK can be used for all type of floorings like mosaic, marble, granite, vinyl flooring tiles, ceramics, linoleums etc.

Surfaces cleaned with BIODET MEBK keeps the shine and sheen with its originality forever.

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BIOWASH HFW removes oil and greasiness from hands and face instantly.

BIOWASH HFW does not give any irritation or allergy to hands or face.

BIOWASH HFW is skin friendly.

BIOWASH HFW does not contain any harmful chemicals or disinfectants.

BIOWASH HFW is totally non-phenolic.

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BIODET FMEA is an MES ester based liquid specially developed for cleaning automobiles. Now-a-days high cost automobiles like two wheelers, cars are abundant in the market.

BIODET FMEA keeps your vehicles like new ones forever.

BIODET FMEA does not corrode or strip paints from the substrate.

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EVIKT is a mildly acidic cleaner. It contains MES ester based cleaning agent that cleans the toilet bowls, washbasins, Kitchen sinks etc.

EVIKT totally eradicates germs, microbes, bacteria etc from the surface of toilet bowls, washbasins and kitchen sinks.

EVIKT removes stains, dirt, smudge etc from the surfaces.

EVIKT gives a lingering fragrance continues to remain in the toilets forever.

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Chemical Composition- Sulphonated product of Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) commonly called as Turkey Red Oil.

It is available in various Total Fatty Matter (TFM) contents ranging from 30% - 70%. A 100% material also is available.

Metropol is widely used in Rubberband Industries, Textile processing, Leather chemical manufacturing, Leather tanning and hygienic processes.

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Chemical Composition - Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohol commonly Called as Non-ionic Wetting Agent.

Metrowet is mainly used in Textile processing. Leather tanning etc.

Active Matter content-30% & 100%

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Chemical Composition - Poly condensation product commonly called as – Dye retarding agent.

RetarTEX CI is mainly used as Dye retarding agent for Man made fibres like Acrylic fibres , Poly esters and Poly Amides.

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Chemical Composition - Condensation product of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate commonly called as Foaming agent.

METROFAOM is mainly used in processing of Denim fabrics.

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Chemical Composition - poly condensation product commonly called as - Anti static agent.

METROSTAT act as an antistati cum cotton spray oil used in the Cellulosic and synthetic yarn spinning industries.

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Chemical Composition- condensation product of Fatty Acid commonly called as – Cationic Softener.

METROSOFT CI is used to soften the Cellulosic fibres and to improve the drape and hands of the fabrics.

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Chemical Composition-Poly condensation product of polysilaxanes commonly called as - Silicone Softener.

METSIL is widely used as fabric softener for Cellulosic fabrics.

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Chemical Composition- Condensation product of Poly amides commonly called as - Non formalin based Dye fixing agent.

METROFIX NF is used for fixing dye on cotton and synthetic textile materials.

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Chemical Composition- Condensation product of Poly amides Commonly called as - Dye fixing agent. It is free from free formaldehyde.

Metrofix 2F is used for fixing dye on cotton textile materials.

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Chemical Composition- Condensation product of Linear alkyl benzene sulphonate. commonly called as D. paste.

METRO DP is used for stripping of unreacted dye particles from dyed cellulosic materials.

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Chemical Composition- Condensation product of Linear Alkyl Benzene sulphonate commonly called as - Liquid Detergent.

METRO LD is used as scouring agent in cotton textile processing.

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Chemical Composition- It is a Poly Condensation product used as flocculent cum coagulant in drinking water purification, municipal seawage treatment and other effulient treatments of sugar, paper, dyeing industries etc...

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Chemical Composition- Sulphonated product of Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) commonly called as Turkey Red Oil.

It is used in rubberband industries as a wetting agent.

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