This is a methyl ester sulphonate based liquid detergent used in fabric washing. This is an ideal substitute for detergents based on LABSA, SLS, SLES, AOS, ALES etc.

Usage :

BIODET FMES is a fully bio degradable and eco-friendly material.

BIODET FMES  is totally non corrosive and safer for human skin.

BIODET FMES  is non allergic.

BIODET FMES can be used for all types of fabrics like cotton, polycotton, silk, polyester, acrylic and similar fine and delicate fabrics.

Fabrics washed with BIODET FMES retains shine and sheenness.

BIODET FMES does not discolor or bleach colored fabrics.

BIODET FMES retains white fabrics whiteness without yellowing on prolonged usage.