Household Cleaning Products

household cleaning products

Household cleaning products / chemicals

are by and large applied to surfaces to clean them and bring shines to them and some disinfectants are mainly added to cleaners to preserve the products from growth of micro organisms, to preserve the surfaces from germs and microbes and to disinfect the surfaces or substrates being cleaned.


Cleaners usually contain a surface active agent together with some other additives to have the appropriate cleaning effect. These cleaners usually contain disinfecting chemicals, particularly when they are used as hand and face washers or floor cleaner, toilet cleaner or wash basin cleaner. There are a wide range of disinfectant chemicals and antiseptics some of which are mainly phenol derivaties or organic mercurials. Some are quarternary ammonium compound surface active agents are also good disinfectants. Surface active agents available in the market are mostly in the form of solid cakes and powders. And almost all cleaners are chemical based.


Of late due to the advent of liquid surfactants, we at Mettur Organics have developed for the first time cleaners based on renewable source of raw materials. Palm oil based methyl ester sulphonates are the emerging raw materials in the surfactant industries. It’s a total replacement for all chemical based surfactants. We are manufacturing Liquid Detergents based on the above ester sulphonates for use in fabric washing, dish washing, floor cleaning, automobiles cleaning, hand and face washing, electronics gadget cleaning, industrial equipments cleaning etc.

Household Cleaning Products Types

This is a methyl ester sulphonate based liquid detergent used in fabric washing. This is an ideal substitute for detergents based on LABSA, SLS, SLES, AOS, ALES etc...

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This is a specially processed surfactant used for cleaning of surfaces, machineries, equipments, utensils etc.

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BIOWASH HFW is an ideal face cum hand wash liquid with mild cleansing agent. Washing of hand and face using BIOWASH HFW gives a lingering perfume with moisturising effect.

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BIODET FMEA is an MES ester based liquid specially developed for cleaning automobiles. Now-a-days high cost automobiles like two wheelers, cars are abundant in the market.

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EVIKT is a mildly acidic cleaner. It contains MES ester based cleaning agent that cleans the toilet bowls, washbasins, Kitchen sinks etc.

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