Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment involves the treatment of sewage water, industrial usage water and potable water. The treatment of all these waters need a lot of chemicals of which a flocculating agent finds significant usage. The development of Water Treatment materials and products requires a judicious selection of chemical and physical characteristics of the materials. The final properties of these water treatment materials are determined by varying the type, degree and distribution of ionizable and non-ionizable functional groups cross-linkers and reaction conditions of the water treatment chemicals. Therefore in addition to an understanding of water treatment chemical synthesis, knowledge of the structural characterization, thermodynamics, deffusion theory and physical chemistry of the materials are required to achieve the desired water treatment chemical.

We, at Mettur Organics are processing a polymer based flocculant for coagulating the solid particles present in different types of water.

Water Treatment Chemicals Types:

Chemical Composition- It is a Poly Condensation product used as flocculent cum coagulant in drinking water purification, municipal seawage treatment and other effulient treatments of sugar, paper, dyeing industries etc...

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